Microsoft plans to launch a version of Bing that uses the popular chatbot (ChatGPT) to answer search queries.

Microsoft plans to launch a version of Bing that uses the popular chatbot (ChatGPT) to answer search queries.

Media reports stated that the American software giant may launch the new feature before the end of next March, hoping that it will be able to compete with the Google search engine.

Using the artificial intelligence technology used by the ChatGPT bot, which is being developed by OpenAI, the Bing search engine can respond to users’ queries with more human-like answers than the traditional way of displaying links to information.

It is noteworthy that both Google and Bing already display relevant information within the links that share, but Google specializes in displaying knowledge cards that include a summary of the information that the user should know when searching, especially for information related to people, places, institutions, and common things.

Microsoft previously said in a publication last October that it plans to integrate the image creation program from (OpenAI), known as (DALL-E 2) into the Bing search engine.

The company (OpenAI), which specializes in artificial intelligence solutions and is based in San Francisco, California, USA, obtained support from Microsoft with funding of one billion dollars in 2019.

The two companies agreed to enter into a multi-year partnership to develop supercomputing technologies based on artificial intelligence in the cloud computing service (Azure) from Microsoft.

The company (OpenAI) made the chatbot (ChatGPT) available for public testing for free on November 30, and it allows users to write poems, compose university essays, and write code, in addition to other things that made it modern.

After the huge popularity of the chatbot and raising fears of its superiority over Google, the latter responded that it would not launch a competitor at the present time because it “feared for its reputation” from the problems resulting from relying on the bot, such as bias and misinformation.

This, and Google has already been using many models of AI languages ​​for its search engine optimization for years.

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