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Microsoft Officially Begins Testing Notepad Tabs In Windows 11

Today, Thursday, Microsoft launched a new version of the Notepad application for Windows 11, which allows subscribers to its beta program (Windows Insiders) via the dev channel to use tabs.

The launch of the new feature comes within the beta version (Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25281), about three weeks after a Microsoft employee announced a mistake about it, and at that time said excitedly: “The Notepad program in Windows 11 has tabs!”

Now, it’s been officially announced in a post on the company’s blog, where Microsoft’s Head of Key Product Management, Dave Grotschucki, said: “With this update, we’re introducing multi-tab support, which is the most requested feature from our community, as you’ll be able to create, manage, and organize multiple files. in a single notepad window.

“You can also continue working on files across multiple windows by dragging a tab out of its own window, and a new setting within the app by default will allow you to customize files opening in new tabs or in a new window,” Grochucki added.

The American software giant has also added support for keyboard shortcuts to manage tabs for Notepad, and some management improvements for unsaved files, such as the automatic creation of a file or tab title based on content, and an indicator of unsaved changes.

With the new feature, Notepad becomes the first program built into Windows to have a tabbed user interface after File Explorer, which got the feature last year.

Microsoft is already aware of the issues affecting this new feature and has warned users that they may encounter problems while using keyboard shortcuts.

Those who run into issues while testing the new Notepad with tab support can file a report through the Feedback Hub, which can be accessed by pressing WIN + F.

In addition to the tabs feature, subscribers to the Windows 11 demo program via the developer channel will get some improvements in the (Windows Spotlight) feature that allows users to automatically download images and ads from the Bing search engine and display them when the lock screen is turned on. Users also get updates on the graphics settings page to improve Windows 11 graphics.

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