Microsoft Launches Revamped, Faster and More Intelligent Teams Chat App
  • March 27, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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Microsoft has announced the launch of a new beta version of its popular Microsoft Teams chat application, which the company has rebuilt from scratch to be faster, more flexible, and smarter. The revamped app is expected to mark a new era for the communication and collaboration platform, which has been widely used for work and personal purposes.

According to Microsoft, the company took user feedback into account to completely revamp the app, focusing on speed, performance, flexibility, and intelligence. The result is a two times faster app that uses 50% less memory than its predecessor. Additionally, Microsoft has enhanced the user experience to make it more intuitive and incorporated innovative AI-powered features such as Copilot for Microsoft Teams, which was announced earlier this month.

The new app has been designed to provide better integration with AI services that aim to simplify collaboration by keeping users up to date with previous discussions in meetings. The company believes that this is only the beginning of what AI can do in Teams, with more exciting developments expected in the future.

Microsoft has also updated core features to help users manage notifications, find information, and organize channels more easily, with fewer clicks. The company has focused on providing a more simple user experience to its diverse and growing user base.

The new app runs twice as fast while using half the system resources, including faster app launches and faster joining of meetings. Windows users who are subscribers of the Office365 service can obtain the public preview copy through the Windows App Store, while the update will be available to Mac users later this year.

Microsoft Teams is a popular business application that allows users to chat, call, share files, and work together on different projects. The app supports integration with Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and allows creating and joining teams based on different topics, departments, or projects. It also supports video conferencing of up to 300 participants in a single connection.

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