Microsoft said that it is updating its search engine, Bing, and the Internet browser, Edge, and supporting them with artificial intelligence

Microsoft said that it is updating its search engine, Bing, and the Internet browser, Edge, and supporting them with artificial intelligence, which indicates its ambition to regain the lead in consumer technology markets in which it has fallen.

The manufacturer of the “Windows” operating system is betting on artificial intelligence to determine its future through billions of dollars in investments, while raising the flag of the challenge in front of “Google” of “Alphabit”, which has outperformed “Microsoft” for years in search technology. and surfing online.

Now Microsoft is introducing a smart chatbot to be associated with the search results of the “Bing” engine, and this includes the employment of more artificial intelligence that can summarize Internet pages, synthesize disparate sources, and compose and translate email messages.

Microsoft expects to earn an additional two billion dollars in search advertising revenue after this update, and by working with the emerging “OpenAI” company, it aims to overtake its competitor in Silicon Valley and possibly reap huge revenues from tools that generally accelerate content creation. The tasks are completed automatically, if not the jobs themselves.

This will affect business products such as cloud computing and collaboration tools such as software and applications sold by Microsoft, as well as consumer Internet services.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told reporters in a statement at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, that this technology will significantly reshape every category of software.

Microsoft’s share of the Internet search market so far is about 10%, however, many investors see the new technology as a win-win.

Microsoft shares closed up 4.2% on Tuesday, while Alphabet rose 4.6%. The power of the so-called generative artificial intelligence, which can create almost any text or image, appeared to the public last year with the release of ChatGPT. ), a chatbot from OpenAI.

ChatGPT’s human-like responses to any conversation or question have provided people with new ways to think about marketing possibilities, writing research papers, publishing news, or how to query information online.

The Bing chatbot can inform consumers of current events, a step beyond ChatGPT’s answers, which are currently limited to data published before 2021.

After the challenge raised by “Microsoft” in the face of “Google”, the latter on Monday unveiled its own chatbot called Bard, while planning to release its own search engine artificial intelligence that can aggregate material in the absence of a simple answer via Google.

Microsoft’s decision to update its Edge browser will spark competition with Google’s Chrome browser, however, the Redmond-based company expects the updated Bing to be introduced to other browsers eventually. .

For the quarter ended December 31, Alphabet reported $42.6 billion in Google search and other revenue, while Microsoft reported $3.2 billion in search and news ads.

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