Meta Resolves Outage, Facebook and Instagram Services Restored

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced on Friday that the services on its social media apps have been restored following a widespread outage that impacted thousands of users.

During the outage, a significant number of users, nearly 20,000 in total, reported difficulties accessing Facebook, Instagram, and Meta’s messaging service, WhatsApp, as per outage-tracking website

However, as of 6:30 p.m. ET (2230 GMT), the number of outage reports had decreased to less than 500, indicating a significant improvement in service availability.

It’s worth noting that Downdetector tracks outages by aggregating status reports from various sources, including user-submitted errors, and thus the actual impact of the outage could be larger than reported.

In addition to resolving user access issues, Meta also addressed problems related to its Ads Manager, the advertising tool utilized by brands to purchase and create Facebook ads.

The restoration of services comes as a relief to the affected users and businesses who rely on the platforms for communication, networking, and advertising purposes.

Meta has not provided specific details about the cause of the outage, but the incident highlights the potential vulnerabilities of large-scale social media platforms and their dependence on stable infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service.

With services back up and running, users can once again engage with their social networks and businesses can resume their advertising activities on the platform.

It remains essential for Meta and other social media companies to invest in robust infrastructure and preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of such outages in the future, as they can significantly impact user experience and business operations.

By swiftly addressing the technical issues and restoring services, Meta aims to regain user trust and confidence in the reliability of its platforms, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering uninterrupted access to its social media and advertising services.

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