Meta Launches Quest v53 Update with Enhanced Parental Controls and Avatar Customizations
  • April 27, 2023
  • Jacob Morris
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Meta has recently released the v53 software update to its Meta Quest platform, featuring several new additions, including support for 6GHZ Wi-Fi. Among the new features is a Parental Supervision tool, which enables users to restrict access to websites with explicit content through the Meta Quest Website Category Filter. Parents and guardians can now manage the access of their teenagers to content viewed on the Meta Quest Browser, providing them with a safer browsing experience.

The v53 update also comes with other new features, such as the ability to update apps during shutdown. With this update, users can delay shutting down their headsets until all app updates are completed. Additionally, users with WiFi 6E-capable networks at home can connect to them with Meta Quest Pro, reaching speeds of up to 1.6Gbps. The Advanced Camera Settings and Stereo Audio features are also new enhancements included in this update, enabling users to capture video recordings in stereo instead of mono.

Moreover, Meta has also made available on Meta Quest Browser with login credentials. Users can now find and access content, chat, and subscribe to their favorite streamers in VR.

avatar customizations
Source: Meta

Aside from the Quest v53 update, Meta has also announced new avatar customization options for body shape, hair, and clothing texture. Users will have more variety in choosing their avatar style with two new curvier body shapes for femme-presenting, new hair options for more volume and texture, and seven lifestyle looks by Puma.

To learn more about the latest Meta Quest update, visit the link provided. With these new features and enhancements, Meta continues to provide an innovative and immersive VR experience for its users.

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