MediaTek announces Pentonic 1000 smart TV chip, terminal products will be launched in the first quarter of 2023

MediaTek, a major IC design company, released the new 4K flagship smart TV chip Pentonic 1000 on the 15th, which will enable a new generation of 4K 120Hz smart TV experience upgrades. In particular, the Pentonic 1000 supports Wi-Fi 6/6E networking, integrates 4K 120Hz motion compensation (MEMC), is equipped with a powerful AI processor, and supports Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. Coupled with MediaTek’s Intelligent View technology, users can play 8 different video content at the same time while supporting advanced video decoding and global TV broadcasting standards. Smart TVs with Pentonic 1000 are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2023.

According to MediaTek, the Pentonic 1000 integrates a powerful multi-core CPU and dual-core GPU, an AI processor MediaTek APU and an image decoding engine. Pentonic 1000 supports a 4K 120Hz high-definition display, as well as variable refresh rate technology (VRR) up to 4K 144Hz and automatic low-latency mode (ALLM), which eliminates screen tearing and brings users a smooth and perfect gaming experience. Coupled with MediaTek Intelligent View technology, users can watch videos from different signal sources at the same time, and conduct video conferences at the same time, and each window has excellent picture quality blessed by MediaTek AI technology. Intelligent View allows users to display up to 8 windows on a single screen, 4 times that of similar products, and allows users to move, swap and resize windows seamlessly without missing a beat.

As a new addition to Dolby Vision IQ, Precision Detail is a new addition to Dolby’s advanced imaging technology portfolio. Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail delivers stunning detail in both bright and dark areas, unlocking even better detail in Dolby Vision content. Enhanced texture and layering for stunningly sharp images on 4K Smart TVs. MediaTek’s Intelligent View technology is a combination of Dolby’s latest achievements in imaging technology, which can process multiple Dolby Vision image sources at the same time. Consumers can watch different Dolby Vision entertainment content in multiple windows at the same time. content in stunning detail.

Chen Junkun, general manager of MediaTek’s TV business unit, said that the Pentonic 1000 is designed for smart TVs that are most in line with current trends, incorporating the latest features such as 4K online streaming, cloud gaming, video conferencing, and shared video. Pentonic 1000 supports a 4K HDR display, 120Hz screen refresh rate, motion compensation technology (MEMC), AI image quality optimization technology, Wi-Fi 6/6E networking function, and VVC image decoding, creating the ultimate 4K audio-visual feast.

MediaTek emphasized that compared with other multi-chip platforms, the AI ​​engine on the Pentonic 1000 provides industry-leading AI image quality optimization with better performance and higher energy efficiency. MediaTek AI Super Resolution (AI-SR) technology provides edge leveling and detail reconstruction, enabling FHD images to have 4K quality. Image quality enhancement functions such as AI scene image quality optimization and AI object image quality optimization, delicate depth perception, and life-giving images.

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