Kaspersky experts have prepared a list of the most important simple habits that can enhance the security of the user's personal data and facilitate his life
  • January 10, 2023
  • Jacob Morris
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The early days of January are a good time for every user to make a commitment to start adopting healthy digital habits in the new year. Therefore, Kaspersky experts have prepared a list of the most important simple habits that can enhance the security of the user’s personal data and facilitate his life.

A new year and new passwords!

Kaspersky advises users to seriously review passwords at the beginning of the new year, to check and change passwords on all accounts, taking into account the basic rule of not using the same password for multiple accounts.

If you have many online accounts, a reliable password manager solution will help in this aspect, as a modern password manager makes handling passwords much easier. For example, you can use the “auto-fill” feature for forms in various browsers and platforms, along with the option to automatically generate passwords. As a result, the password manager will help generate unique and complex passwords for each account, and you will only be required to remember one master password.

Subscribe to notifications about leakage of account data

Data leakage is another threat to your personal and corporate accounts. Data breaches happen often, but it’s hard to keep track of them all. Fraudsters can use leaked account details to take over accounts. However, fraudsters can be defeated in 2023 when you subscribe to services to scan the latest leaks and see if they contain your data. Advanced password management solutions include this feature, as it issues instant notifications to users if any of their login credentials and passwords are found to be present in recent data leaks.

VPN for more privacy!

After VPNs were a unique product for a class of users and companies, they have become essential for everyone who wants to stay safe on the Internet, as modern VPN solutions meet all the needs of users, as they are easy to use, allow high data speeds, and maintain the privacy of personal data.

The use of these solutions has expanded greatly, allowing them to shop securely online, watch streaming services from anywhere in the world, and access local content in remote areas. Modern VPN services also allow fast traffic speeds and 4K content viewing without quality loss or lag.

It also hides the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address from websites and advertisers, which enhances privacy. Tracking users on the web can lead to unexpected consequences. Targeted ads may reveal gifts or surprises that you have prepared for your family members. Don’t let advertisers spoil the sweetness of surprises.

Transfer documents to safe places

Electronic copies of documents are often used instead of paper originals in light of the development of digital services, which raises a question about ways to store those electronic copies to keep them safe and not fall into unwanted hands? It is possible to create a folder on your computer to save these documents or upload them to a password-protected cloud, but both options are likely to be insecure and lead to loss and personal data at risk.

A safer alternative is to store documents in a password manager app, which can store more than passwords and bank data. A modern password manager is now an encrypted online store where you can upload digital copies, PDFs, and other important documents you want to protect, which can include medical records and phone addresses, as well as any business documents and work-related files.

These storage services are much more secure than traditional storage sites, because they are encrypted with special encryption, and can only be decrypted with one master password, which only exists in the user’s mind.

Find out more about your children’s hobbies on the Internet

Children today own digital devices from an early age of around five years of age. However, it is important to teach the child the rules of online safety so that his path to the digital world remains safe and enjoyable. Parents can use games and other pastimes to enhance interaction with the child and make it constructive.

Another tip from Kaspersky for the New Year is to delve into your kids’ online interests. Parents can, for example, ask their children about their favorite series or listen to music they like with them so that they can teach them some healthy practices that ensure they stay safe on the Internet. There is also a range of child safety solutions that can help parents learn more about children’s hobbies and help children develop healthy digital habits from an early age.

Privacy and security is nothing but a system of practical procedures, according to Vladislav Toshkanov, Chief Data Scientist at Kaspersky, who said that securing the user’s accounts and their digital presence on the Internet requires effort and dedication of time, explaining that small steps, such as creating unique and different passwords for each account, And the use of advanced tools such as a password manager “can greatly enhance your privacy, facilitate the task and make it simpler,” and added, “The beginning of the new year is the perfect occasion to start a new and more secure digital life.”

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