Friday, March 31, 2023

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Japan invests in 2nm development

Japan has invested in the development of semiconductor 2nm technology. TSMC President Wei Zhejia said today that it is very difficult to make leaps and bounds. “The result of overtaking on a curve is that the insurance company will lose money.” As for investing in the U.S. and Japan, Wei Zhejia said that TSMC’s establishment of factories in various places is for customer needs, not for the Japanese or U.S. government.

Wei Zhejia was invited to attend the Yushan Technology Forum today and gave a speech on “New Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry”. The audience asked about Japan’s views on organizing a semiconductor alliance and investing in the development of 2nm technology and made the above remarks.

He said that if a company or a country wants to make leaps and bounds, it cannot be said that it is impossible, but it is quite difficult.

“Does Japan have 3nm, 4nm, and 5nm?” Wei Zhejia said that the result of overtaking a curve is that “the insurance company will lose money.” He does not want to comment, but Japan has its own plans.

As for TSMC’s establishment of a factory in Japan, Wei Zhejia said that Japan is obviously not a very cheap place. The main reason is to support customers. Japanese customers are suppliers of TSMC’s largest customers. Nano, so to fully support Japanese customers. At present, more than 200 Japanese factory engineers have come to Taiwan for training and will return to Japan in the future.

Although Wei Zhejia did not directly name the largest customer, according to the financial report, TSMC’s largest customer contributed NT$405.402 billion in revenue last year, accounting for 26% of the total revenue. The market generally believes that Apple is TSMC’s largest customer.

Wei Zhejia emphasized that TSMC’s establishment of factories in various places is for customers, and the needs of customers will always be TSMC’s priority, not for the Japanese or US governments.

He said that TSMC is very sincere to every customer, will not disclose customer secrets, and has no products to compete with customers. No company can stand up to the government. TSMC will fully obey the laws and cooperate with customers. Only when customers succeed first can TSMC succeed, and coexist and co-prosper with customers.

As for TSMC’s investment in advanced packaging, Wei Zhejia said that the main purpose is to support custom products. He said that advanced packaging is the way to go, because it is too expensive to put everything on one chip, and advanced packaging can reduce costs, which is a future trend. However, TSMC will still focus on the foundry field in the future.

In the face of competition from rivals such as Samsung, Wei Zhejia said that TSMC will be very careful in response, and the only strategy is to maintain technology first. As for TSMC’s investment, it is for two and a half years later. After discussing with customers, it will not stop investing because of the bad economy next year.L+

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