Is India snatching the limelight from China in the phone industry?

India has become the focus of global technology companies that manufacture smartphones and tablets, and experts predict that by 2025 a large proportion of these devices will be produced in India.

Experts have indicated that by 2025, a quarter of all iPhones manufactured by Apple will be able to be produced in India.

In addition to the phone giants “Apple” and “Samsung“, other companies such as “Xiaomi”, “Vivo”, “Oppo” and “Motorola” are now based in India as the headquarters for the manufacture of their phones.

As for the reasons behind this transformation in the electronics industry market, we see: “The reason why giant phone-manufacturing companies have come to India is due to the will of this country to become a center for the production of these goods, which was represented in the government’s vision under the slogan Make In India.”

“Other reasons are lower labor wages in India compared to China. There is also the issue of China adopting a zero-Covid policy, which has caused supply chain problems for phone companies.”

For example, “Apple” has produced the “iPhone 14” phone in China and India, to achieve double profits, by obtaining the best advantages offered by the two countries.

We expect that India will snatch the rug from under China’s feet in the field of the phone industry, but it may take some time, as China’s position in this field is the result of 40 years of planning and diligent work.”

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