Bose also competes in the wireless headphones sector with its QC AirPods 2
  • November 19, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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The American company “Bose” is known for its foldable headphones, car audio devices, and other high-quality “Hi-Fi” devices, and it also competes in the wireless headphones sector with its “QC” AirPods 2 model. Earbuds II) to pull the rug out from other competing models, such as the Apple Airpods Pro.

Below is a quick look at the practical test results for this headset.

The device

The new wireless headphone comes in a huge matte black box with a glossy logo. These design features appear on the earplugs inside the box, as they come in a swollen and round design with a rubber edge. The size of the wireless headphone increases by a third compared to other models from Apple. ), Samsung, and Google.

The battery life extends to 6 hours, and the charging case allows the earplugs to be charged 3 more times. This data has been confirmed in practical testing. The headphones are recharged via a USB-C cable.

The wireless charging function is not available, and the second generation of wireless headsets is smaller than the previous model. The American company also promises amazing noise cancellation, as it confirmed that the new headset has “the best noise cancellation in the world.”


The process of pairing the new wireless headset is done by opening the Bluetooth menu on the smartphone and pressing the button, and you’re done. And if the user wants to take advantage of all the functions, then the “Bose Music” application must be installed, which provides access to the settings of the playback modes, the equalizer, and many other settings, with the ability to create a Bose account, but the application can be used without creating the account.

Apple AirPods is the strongest competitor to the Bose QC AirPods 2Apple AirPods is the strongest competitor to the Bose QC AirPods 2


The earplugs sit firmly firmly in the ears, the wireless headphone “QC AirPods 2” has a rubber lip on the back side, and this ensures that the earplug sits firmly and comfortably, and it also works to cancel noise, and in general the earplugs settled firmly enough while jogging.

The wireless headphone is so comfortable that the user may not notice that it is installed in the ear, and the attachment package includes 3 ear tips of different sizes, in addition to the rubber bands surrounding 3 different sizes.


Some defects of the wireless headphone “QC AirPods 2” from Bose company appear in some aspects of use, and this is not due to a lack of functionality. Rather, the American company provided the wireless headphone with all possible functions in this category, starting from media control through voice control. And all the way to switching operating modes for the function of noise cancellation and volume control, but unfortunately Bose relied on touch-sensitive surfaces on the outer side, so the user should click very carefully, otherwise he will hear a very annoying sound in his ears.

the sound

The “QC AirPods 2” wireless headphone has superior sound quality, as high notes can be recognized accurately, when the volume is turned on at a slightly higher level, and the Bose application allows the ability to adapt the sound characteristics according to personal preferences, and the sound sounds natural and completely clear.

The “QC AirPods 2” wireless headset can be used with a smartphone, although it is not integrated with the “Apple iPhone” like the Apple wireless headset, due to the overlapping of the iPhone system sound and the English sounds of the wireless headset, the transmission Sound and connection stability work great, and when a connection is established with the phone it is indicated by an audible tone.

The best noise-canceling function in the world

Bose is promoting the new “QC AirPods 2” wireless headphone as providing the best noise canceling function in the world, and the truth of this saying appears with the operation of the “ANC” mode, where the background noise completely disappears, and it seems very quiet with Turning on the speaker while walking on the roads, and therefore the user must make sure that there are no cars coming when crossing the street, and the user enjoys calmness when riding the metro, and does not even hear the rustling of tree leaves with the wind blowing, in addition to the crying of children no longer disturbing the user.

The matter differs with the operation of the “Aware” mode, which allows the user to perceive surrounding sounds and be able to conduct dialogues with others, and this mode works well at first regardless of the background noise, which remains clearly audible with no music playing, but Bose Active Sense technology identifies background noise and reduces it to a comfortable volume level.

Although this function works well, it mutes the sound of ambulances and emergency vehicles completely, and therefore the “Aware” mode should not be activated while cycling, especially since the user cannot reliably hear the surrounding sounds, as they are sometimes louder or quieter at other times.

And if the user wants to use the QC AirPods 2 headset while in traffic, it is better to turn off the Active Sense function, but in this case, the annoying wind will not be hidden, and if you want to cancel the noise according to personal preferences, The Bose Music app provides more settings for the ANC function.

Who needs it?

If the user is looking for a wireless headphone with more natural sound, good tuning capabilities, long playback time, comfortable fit in the ear, and effective noise canceling function, they will find all these functions in the QC AirPods 2 wireless headphone, and it also works well with other devices. Apple mobile phones and Android phones.

Despite all these advantages, the wireless headset has some shortcomings in use, and requires great care when using the touch-sensitive surface, in addition to being not suitable for cycling, as the transparency mode in competing models from Apple and Google is better.

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