"I Qibla" watch for children
  • October 17, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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iQibla has launched the new K01 smart watch, which is the first smart watch in the world to teach children the Noble Quran.

The new smart watch includes a Quran player with a repeating feature for children, so that they can learn and memorize the Holy Quran in a simple, modern and smart way.

In addition, the watch reminds children of the times of the five daily prayers, teaches them ablution and how to perform prayer, and the company added to it the Five Pillars of Islam and the Six Pillars of Faith.

The iQibla watch is also unique with various competitions and incentives for all family members, including listening to the Holy Qur’an for certain periods or certain surahs, exercising, and giving the user points according to his performance.


On the other hand, this watch can be used as a mobile phone for children, where a phone chip can be placed in it to make calls.

The watch also provides safety for children and reassurance for parents; It enables the location, monitoring and tracking of the child through the iQIBLA KID app in parents’ phones.

The watch enables children to send out a “SOS signal” with a 30-second recording that is received by all family members using the iKiss Kid app.

Since the watch is for school-age children, by using the “I Kiss Kid” application, the user is able to specify certain times when the child cannot use the watch to focus more on his studies, and all call and message alerts are silent when this feature is activated, while the distress signal function can be used only.

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