• November 14, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Benefiting from Apple‘s iPhone 14 blessing and the depreciation of the Taiwan dollar, the revenue of major IT factories in Taiwan has continued to flourish, increasing by 20%. It was the second-highest record in a single month.

Nikkei reported on the 11th that major Taiwanese companies that supply a large number of products and semiconductors to Apple, Microsoft, and other customers have continued to grow in revenue, benefiting from the blessing of Apple’s iPhone 14 and the depreciation of the Taiwan dollar. The total revenue of the 19 major IT factories in Taiwan that are constituents of the Asia 300 is TWD 1,591.9 billion, up 20.6% from the same month last year, showing growth for the sixth month in a row, with the growth rate reaching double digits for the sixth consecutive month ( 10% or more), and the monthly revenue scale is the second highest in a single month since the statistics began in January 2013 (only lower than the 1 trillion and 706 billion yuan in September 2022).

The report pointed out that although the performance of Taiwan’s IT factories continued to flourish, China’s “zero policy” as an important production base and sales market for Taiwanese factories has cast a shadow on its performance, and the outlook is uncertain.

According to reports, TSMC, which supplies advanced chips to Apple, increased its revenue by 56.3% in October; Hon Hai, the main iPhone foundry, increased its revenue by 41% year-on-year in October, but decreased by 5.6% month-on-month, mainly due to the closure of the Zhengzhou factory in the second half of October due to the epidemic. Production continued to be in chaos; MediaTek’s October revenue fell 10.8% year-on-year, the first drop in two and a half years, mainly due to the slowdown in China’s economy, which led to inventory adjustments at smartphone factories and home power plants.

In addition to almost monopolizing the production of Apple’s iPhone, Taiwanese companies also control more than 60% of the global foundry market share, and arrange nearly 90% of the production of servers, more than 80% of PCs, and 90% of iPads, supplying a large number of products to the United States and China. Japan and other large global companies, so the performance trend of Taiwanese manufacturers is regarded as one of the indicators to estimate the global IT boom and has attracted much attention.

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