Friday, March 31, 2023

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Instagram informs users that their content is not eligible for recommendation to others

    On Wednesday, the Instagram service announced the launch of new transparency tools; Its aim is to enable users to know whether their photos and videos are recommended in its application or not.

    The social network is expanding its Account Status Center to make it easier for users with professional accounts, such as companies and content creators, to understand if their content is eligible to be recommended to non-followers in places such as Explore section, and short videos Reels, Feed Recommendations, or the content violates its Recommendation Guidelines.

    Instagram launched the Account Status Center last year as a place where users can see if their accounts are in good standing or not. The center allows users to view any content that has been removed from their accounts, in addition to appealing these decisions directly through the application, and to know if they are at risk of losing their accounts.

    With this latest update, Instagram is allowing users who find their content ineligible for recommendation to view sample content or profile components that may conflict with Instagram’s recommendation guidelines. From there, they can edit or delete posts that go against the company’s guidelines.

    Instagram informs users that their content is not eligible for recommendation to others

    “We know that many content creators find recommending your content on Instagram a great way to reach other fans and grow your audience,” Instagram said in a blog post.

    “That’s why we find it important to us that content creators understand our guidelines and be able to tell if there is something they have posted or on their profile that might affect their reach to non-followers,” the service added.

    Instagram explained that it is also for this reason that it allows users to disagree with its decisions so that its review team can take another look as soon as possible, and promised to continue to improve its detection technology.

    Instagram says the aim of these new updates is to help users understand issues with their accounts.

    The social network plans to continue improving the account status center to cover more sections of the app, such as search and suggested accounts. You also want to add more ways for users to understand and fix issues that may affect how they reach non-followers.

    These users can go to the account status center through profile settings, then click on Account, then click on Account Status.

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