Instagram service announced a number of new features designed to help users keep their accounts safe

Today, Thursday, Instagram service announced a number of new features designed to help users keep their accounts safe, and provide them with more support if they lose access to them.

As part of Instagram’s commitment to enhancing the security of its users, it alerted in a post on its blog that there are some easy things that users can do to help keep their accounts safe, such as making sure they have a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication. It added that users can also review and increase account security at any time by completing a security check for the service.

To support accounts that are having access issues or may have been hacked, Instagram said it has created a new, comprehensive interface that people can rely on to report and resolve account access issues.

In the event that users are unable to log into their accounts, they can enter the interface with the phone or web browser, and then they will be able to choose one of the possible reasons for this, such as: being hacked, forgetting the password, losing access to two-factor authentication, or disabling the account.

From there, users will be able to follow a series of steps to help regain access to the account. If they have multiple accounts linked to their information, they will be able to choose which account needs support.

Instagram indicated that earlier this year it began testing a way in which users could ask their friends to confirm their identity to help restore access to their accounts, and now this option is available to all users of the service.

In the event that users find themselves unable to access their accounts, they will be able to select two of their Instagram friends to verify their identity and return to their accounts.

In addition to new support for accounts and recovery methods, Instagram said it was testing ways to help prevent hacking before it happens. In doing so, they remove accounts that their automated systems find harmful, including accounts that impersonate others, which goes against their Community Guidelines.

Because threat actors often don’t misuse accounts once they’ve been hacked, Instagram said it’s now testing sending warnings if an account it suspects of impersonating someone requests to follow users. In the coming months, Instagram will also send users warnings if an account that might be impersonating a business sends them a private message.

Finally, Instagram said it will now display the blue verification mark for verified accounts not only on the profile page, but now including stories and private messages, and soon on the home page.

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