In order to win Apple orders, Samsung considers expanding QD-OLED production capacity
  • November 12, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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Analyst firm UBI Research alleges that Samsung Display is considering expanding its QD-OLED production capacity in order to win orders from Apple.

Choong Hoon Yi, chief executive of UBI Research, said at the seminar that Samsung is considering investing in QD-OLED production in a newly planned factory, which may be called A5, for the production of 27-inch displays on the 8.6th-generation substrate, and that Apple will be a major customer.

Choong Hoon Yi pointed out that Samsung Display initially considered building OLED panels with the RGB tandem method, but later decided to produce QD-OLED panels because the latter is more profitable.

Samsung is currently working with LG to develop and produce 8th-generation OLED panel-related technologies, mainly for tablets, laptops, and monitors, not smartphones, most of which are made for Apple, as the company plans to use OLED in products other than iPhones panel.

Choong Hoon Yi estimates that Samsung Display may provide QD-OLED panels for monitors, and RGB double-layer tandem OLED panels for smaller-screen tablets and laptops. The company currently produces single-layer RGB OLED panels for smartphones.

According to reports, the A5 factory will focus on the production of QD-OLED panels, while the dual-layer tandem RGB OLED will be in the existing L8 production line.

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