Friday, March 31, 2023

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HTC CES 2023 launches new products, VIVE XR Elite mixed reality device debut

HTC launched a new product on the first day of this year’s CES show, releasing a new consumer flagship all-in-one machine VIVE XR Elite with both VR virtual reality and MR mixed reality. It claims to bring powerful and diverse capabilities with a lightweight body. In the fields of games, entertainment, fitness, business and educational productivity applications, it can superimpose the real and virtual worlds, opening up new ways of playing and infinite possibilities.

HTC pointed out that the new product combines VIVE Focus 3 with features favored by consumers such as VIVE Flow, and introduces a full-color high-resolution RGB passthrough camera and hand tracking function for the first time, greatly expanding the diversity and future of MR experience content Development potential. In addition to being used for games and virtual learning, it can also have a personal XR workstation, which can be equipped with multiple virtual screens and run simultaneously with real-world computers.

Cher Wang, Chairman and CEO of HTC, said that VIVE XR Elite is the latest milestone in the evolving fully immersive network, opening up a new reality of learning and entertainment by surpassing the pass-through technology of today’s VR devices realm. “This advanced and compact model is the best choice for consumers. It is the ideal gateway to lead consumers into the metaverse built by HTC – VIVERSE. In VIVERSE, there is the most diverse content, including support for the latest Wi- Fi 6E.


VIVE XE Elite supports PC VR. With the VIVE Streaming function, it can be connected to a computer through a USB-C cable or Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi 6E to enjoy low-latency and highly realistic PCVR content from VIVEPORT and Steam.

It’s even possible to wirelessly stream content from a compatible Android phone to VIVE XR Elite. Users can enjoy the shocking audio-visual entertainment brought by the 300-inch personal cinema, including streaming audio-visual services such as Netflix and Disney+ and game content such as Fortnite, and even get a full gaming experience mode by supporting Bluetooth game controllers.

On the other hand, HTC also pointed out that VIVE XR Elite will usher in the largest game release plan in the history of HTC VIVE, and hundreds of new MR and VR contents will be launched, ranging from new games to classic games, including Eggscape, Demeo, Hubris, Yuki, Maestro, Les Mills Body Combat, FigminXR, Unplugged, Fingergun, and more. 

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