How to maintain laptop battery

Keep the battery cool

The high temperature affects the laptop battery negatively, which is made of lithium, so it is necessary to avoid heat, keep it cool, and use it as little as possible, so that it is recommended to turn off the laptop or set it in hibernation mode, then remove the battery and work without it if the laptop is turned on on AC power for a while.

Decrease the screen brightness

The backlighting of laptop screens is one of the things that drains the most battery power, as dimming the screen can add at least thirty minutes to the battery life , and the screen brightness can be adjusted through the shortcut on the keyboard, so that the (Fn) button is continued to be pressed ) and pressing one of the function keys in the top row or one of the cursor keys that bears the sun symbol. Another method that works in all versions of Windows can be used, which is opening the settings page to change the brightness by continuing to press Windows and then pressing (X).

Enable power saving mode

Turning on the power saving mode on the laptop contributes to extending the battery life, because a number of automatic changes are activated, so that all programs on the device are converted to low-power states to help preserve the remaining part of the battery for as long as possible.

Avoid completely discharging the battery

The majority of laptop batteries have a specific number of charging times, after which they are drained greatly, so it is necessary to avoid completely discharging the battery from charging, and immediately stop working on the device, and shut it down if the battery is close to running out, then connect it to the charger.

Other ways to save laptop battery

A set of other methods can be followed to preserve the laptop battery, including the following:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as soon as you are done using them, as they consume a lot of battery power.
  • Checking and stopping the applications that consume the largest amount of battery power, so that the system is entered from the settings, then pressed on the battery, and clicked on the battery usage, and a list of the percentage of the battery for each application appears.
  • Use the laptop manufacturer’s battery maintenance tools, they provide plenty of information about the battery’s condition and recommendations for maximizing its life.
  • Periodically clean the laptop slots and its fan.
  • Placing the laptop on hard surfaces such as a desk or table, and avoiding using it on places that impede the entry of air to the ventilation fan, such as pillows.

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