• November 23, 2023
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Google’s Bard AI chatbot is continuously evolving and improving its capabilities. In its latest update, Google has expanded the functionalities of Bard’s YouTube extension, enabling users to have more detailed and meaningful conversations about the contents of YouTube videos.

The recent experiment update log from Google highlights the enhanced capabilities of Bard’s YouTube extension. With this update, the generative AI can now “understand some video content.” This means that users can ask Bard specific questions about the videos they are watching on YouTube.

For instance, you can ask Bard how many eggs were used in a video demonstrating an olive oil cake recipe. If you’re watching a DIY video, you may also be able to ask Bard for the names of specific tools being used. In the case of food reviews, Bard could potentially provide information about the location of restaurants mentioned in the videos or the origins of specific cuisines.

This update builds upon Bard’s previous integration with various Google products, including Docs, Maps, Lens, Flights, and Hotels. However, prior to this update, Bard was unable to analyze the contents of YouTube videos or answer detailed questions about them.

Google’s decision to roll out this update was driven by user feedback. The company acknowledged that users wanted a more engaging experience with YouTube videos and responded by taking the “first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos.” This suggests that Google is actively working on further advancements to enhance the AI’s ability to analyze and interpret videos on the platform.

To engage in conversations with Bard about YouTube videos, users will need to enable the YouTube extension on the chatbot’s web portal. Once enabled, Bard will be able to provide more insightful and informative responses related to the content of the videos being watched.

As Google continues to refine and enhance the capabilities of Bard, users can look forward to even more sophisticated interactions and a deeper understanding of the YouTube videos they watch. This development opens up new possibilities for AI-driven conversations and enriches the overall user experience on the platform.

With Bard’s increasing ability to comprehend video content, Google is paving the way for a more intelligent and interactive chatbot that can cater to users’ specific queries and interests. Whether it’s cooking, DIY projects, or restaurant recommendations, Bard’s expanded capabilities offer a promising glimpse into the future of AI-powered video interactions.

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