Google Wallet Introduces Pass Sharing Feature for Travel and Events
  • July 7, 2023
  • Mike Hunt
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Google Wallet is set to introduce a new pass-sharing feature, fulfilling a long-standing user request dating back to its predecessor, Google Pay.

Originally mentioned in the Google Play system update list for July, the feature’s details have since been removed. However, the Google Wallet support page sheds light on the functionality.

According to the support page, users will be able to share “some passes” from their Wallet with other Google Wallet users. Google spokesperson Leismer Schulten confirmed that the company is working on a feature that will enable Wallet users to share select passes, including event tickets and boarding passes. However, the activation of this feature depends on the pass-issuing companies.

As the Google Play system updates roll out in July, specific services supporting the pass-sharing feature have not been announced. Users will be able to identify shareable passes through a Google “Share” icon displayed above them. It’s important to note that once a pass is shared, it cannot be unsent, and the recipient has the ability to forward it to others.

In recent weeks, Google has been adding various features to its Wallet app, such as support for state ID and driver’s licenses in Maryland, and the option to upload passes by capturing a photo. The new pass-sharing feature in Google Wallet aims to simplify the process of organizing entertainment and travel arrangements for friends and family. It is worth mentioning that Apple Wallet has offered pass-sharing capabilities for several years, making Google a late entrant in this aspect.

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