• April 9, 2023
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Google has announced that it will be shutting down servers for several old Nest smart home products, turning them into useless bricks. In a post on the official Google Nest Community page, the company revealed that Dropcam, which was acquired by Nest and Google in 2014 for $555 million and later turned into the Nest Cam line, will no longer have server support starting April 8, 2024. This means that Dropcam will no longer work, and users will not be able to check its status using the Nest app. Google advises users to download and save their video history before the shutdown date to retain their data.

Nest, which replaced the Dropcam line in 2015, promises five years of support for its own products. To ease the transition for existing users, Google is offering discounts on new Nest Cams to keep them within the Google ecosystem. Users currently subscribed to Nest Aware, a monthly subscription that allows video recording and online storage, will receive a free indoor, wired Nest Cam worth $100. For users without a Nest Aware subscription, Google is offering a 50 percent discount on the wired, indoor Nest Cam.

Another product that will be discontinued by Google is Nest Secure, a $500 home security system that includes a keyboard, window and door sensors, motion detectors, and a keychain presence sensor. Although Google terminated the hardware in 2020, it committed to supporting existing devices until April 8, 2024, the same date as Dropcam. However, this extends the support period to 6.5 years from the initial promise of five years. After April 8, 2024, Nest Secure will no longer work and will not be accessible through the Nest app or connect to the internet.

In collaboration with ADT, a leading home security provider in the market, Google recently announced a rebooted security product that is similar to Nest Secure. The new product combines Google’s technology, such as cameras and smart displays, with ADT’s technology, including the hub, sensors, and software. Like the Nest Cams, this new product also comes with a subscription-based model, encouraging users to subscribe to ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring service, which costs $25-$35 per month depending on the house setup. Nest Secure owners are offered a free upgrade to the new ADT system, which Google values at up to $485, although it requires extensive installation work to replace all the sensors and components. Alternatively, users can opt for a $200 credit on the Google Store. Eligible users will receive an email from Google with details about the discounts and options available. Google also provides a recycling program for the old, discontinued products.

In addition to the discontinuation of Dropcam and Nest Secure, Google has also announced the shutdown date for the Nest smart home ecosystem known as “Works with Nest.” This original smart home ecosystem by Nest allowed for automation features such as thermostat adjustments when leaving the house and third-party app control of Nest systems. Google had originally planned to shut down Works with Nest in August 2019 but delayed it following public outcry. However, new device additions were blocked since then, and the system has been limited in functionality. Google’s alternative, “Works with Google Assistant,” offers similar smart home communication features but with a different hardware compatibility and control through a Google account instead of a Nest account. Recently, “Works with Google Assistant” was rebranded as “Works with Google Home” and is accessible through the Google Home app, which replaced the original Google Home product with the introduction of Nest Audio speakers. The Nest app, which can also control other smart devices, now includes the functionality of Works with Google Home.

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