Google Tests Bard Chatbot with Pixel Phone Users, Poised to Compete with ChatGPT

Google has started testing its anticipated chatbot, Bard, with a limited group of Pixel phone users, which may indicate the imminent launch of a competing Google chatbot for ChatGPT.

Google sent an email to a group of Pixel phone users inviting them to sign up for early beta access to Bard, with the aim of testing it and sending their feedback to Google. In the email, the company noted that linguistic artificial intelligence models such as those on which Bard relies are still subject to errors, and that is why the company needs to collect a large number of opinions to improve the service before launching it.

In February, Google announced Bard, the company’s answer to the super-popular ChatGPT chatbot.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, said that Bard is based on the Conversational Applications Model, known as LaMDA, which the company announced two years ago. He stated that the expected bot is able to provide high-quality answers with recent information that it draws directly from the web, indicating its superiority over ChatGPT, which cannot provide information dating back to after 2021. Pichai confirmed that Bard will not be just a chat program, but its capabilities will be integrated into Google search results; This is to provide a summary answer to what the user is searching for, in addition to the usual traditional search results in the Google engine.

While Bard is not yet available to the public, Google’s bot suffered a stuttering start after providing an incorrect answer during its unveiling conference, which resulted in Alphabet losing nearly $100 billion in market value due to diminished investor confidence in Google’s upcoming technology.

Google had mentioned in its blog announcing the launch of its smart robot that Bard is currently working on a light version of its language model, which is a smaller version and consumes less computing power, helping Google to provide the service to more users to get feedback and suggestions faster.

Google has not yet announced the official launch date for Bard to all users, but expanding its testing circle may indicate an upcoming launch, especially since the company wants to prove its leadership in the search engine market, after Microsoft preceded it in bringing artificial intelligence capabilities to its search engine by issuing a supported version of Bing. ChatGPT bot.

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