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Google is using “veteran programmers” to compete with “ChatGPT”

With the intensification of the battle for applications based on artificial intelligence, it seems that Google was forced to seek the help of Sergey Brin (one of its founders), who in turn submitted his first request in years to access the company’s software.

Brin – who is one of the first programmers of the world’s most famous search engine – stepped down from his executive position at Alphabet – the owner of Google – in 2019, but some reports stated that the programmer of Russian origins applied on January 24. 2023 for data that trains LaMDA on chat.

LaMDA – which Google announced in 2021 – is an artificial intelligence software that analyzes human speech and identifies commands in it, and its first experimental version was released last year.

It seems that the release of the OpenAI company application ChatGPT prompted “Google” to give priority to work on artificial intelligence products, as Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google announced last Monday the launch of a Bard, which adopts LaMDA artificial intelligence software, to be a direct competitor to ChatGPT.

According to the sources, Pichai contacted Brin after activating the “red code” on Khalifa’s launch of the ChatGPT application, in a well-known sign in Google indicating the seriousness of the situation.

Pichai hired Brin after activating the red code in Google as a result of launching the ChatGPT application

According to the same source, the co-founders who remained on the board of directors of “Alphabet” held several meetings with executives to develop Google’s strategies related to artificial intelligence and agreed on plans to integrate more chatbot features into its search engine.

Although Brin did not make a technical change when he entered Google’s software, the move was not well received by some employees, as one of them commented, “Fix Google first,” while another said, “At least talk to us.”

The comments may be an indication of some employees’ anger at Google’s decision to lay off 6% of its workforce last January.

On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed that it had teamed up with OpenAI to launch a new Microsoft AI search engine that it claims is “more powerful than ChatGPT.”

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