Google Health Connect to be Integrated into Android 14 with New Features
  • May 11, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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Google has unveiled updates to its Health Connect platform at its annual Google I/O conference. The platform allows users to store health data and adjust privacy settings in a single place. Currently available in Beta, Health Connect will become a core part of Android and will be available on all Android mobile devices when Android 14 is released later this year. Users will be able to access Health Connect directly from their device’s Settings to control how their health data is shared across apps.

The company has added a new exercise routes feature that enables users to share maps of their workouts via Health Connect. It has also made it easier for users to log their menstrual cycles. Health Connect updates will be delivered through Google Play System Updates, allowing for regular updates with new features.

Over 100 apps are already integrated with Health Connect, including Peloton, Withings, and Oura. Health Connect enables apps to access users’ health and fitness data with their consent and provides centralized privacy controls. Developers previously had to establish multiple API connections to share data between different apps, making it difficult for users to access their data across various apps.

Google has also announced that individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can view their glucose data within the MyFitnessPal app thanks to an integration with Health Connect.

In addition, Google has updated Health Services, its API surface for accessing sensor data on Wear OS devices. The company has introduced a new “Batching Modes” feature that enables developers to adjust the data delivery frequency of heart rate data to support home gym use cases. Google has also added new API capabilities such as golf shot detection. When Wear OS 4 is released later this year, Google plans to release additional Health Services updates, including improved background body sensor permissions.

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