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Google change in the release cycle of the Chrome browser

Google announced on Wednesday that it will change the release cycle for its Chrome web browser, starting early next year.

The American tech giant said in a post on its blog that the new early preview version of the updates will be made available through the stable channel, to a small group of users, starting in February 2023.

Google explained that the early stable version will be made available one week before the scheduled release date of the final stable version, allowing Google to address any reported issues before the updates are released to the general public.

Google said: “By releasing a stable release to a small percentage of users early, we get the opportunity to monitor the release before it is released to all of our users. If a problem is detected in the browser, it can be addressed while the impact is relatively small.”

It is noteworthy that the current Chrome browser launch cycle begins with making updates available to the Canary channel first, which is a beta version of the browser used to test unstable code, then to the Dev version, then to the Beta version, and then to the final stable channel.

As for the new release cycle, the new early stable version will be between the Beta version and the final stable version, and it aims to address any issues that may not be discovered during the testing stages.

Google said that version 110 of the Chrome browser will be the first version of the browser to follow the new launch cycle, and Google has launched the Canary and Dev version of this version, and it intends to launch the Beta version on January 12, before launching the early stable version on February 1. / February, which is the original release date of the stable version. As for the final stable version of Chrome 110, it will be released to the general public on February 7, 2023.

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