Google Assistant's Third-Party Notes Integration to be Discontinued, Impacting Nest Hub Users
  • June 1, 2023
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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In a recent blog post by AnyList, it has been revealed that Google Assistant will no longer support integration with third-party notes apps starting June 20th. This announcement comes alongside the deprecation of Google’s software support for third-party Google Assistant smart displays, which was first discovered in April. AnyList, one of the affected apps, mentioned that they are in discussions with Google regarding this change and are hopeful for future reintegration, but currently have no specific plans to announce.

The removal of third-party notes and list app support also raises questions about the future usability of Google Keep, a popular notes app. While Keep is currently listed as an option for notes app integration in Google Assistant settings, its fate after the upcoming change remains uncertain. Moreover, the lack of integration between Keep and Google Tasks, which was announced earlier this year, further complicates the situation. Users of Keep may miss out on the benefits of task consolidation, as their reminders won’t be added to Tasks.

The potential discontinuation of Keep’s integration, along with the removal of third-party notes and list integration, raises concerns among users. Many beloved apps have met their demise in the Google graveyard before, and the fate of Keep remains uncertain. To gather more details about these changes, we have reached out to Google and will update this article accordingly.

It is important for Nest Hub users to be aware of these developments, as they might face difficulties in using their devices for shopping lists and note-taking in the near future. Google Assistant’s diminishing support for third-party integrations highlights the need for users to explore alternative options. Currently, Amazon Alexa and Siri still offer integration with third-party notes apps like AnyList. While this change might disappoint some Google Assistant users, it emphasizes the evolving landscape of digital assistants and the constant need to adapt to new features and limitations.

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