Gmail Introduces Google Calendar-Inspired Availability-Sharing Feature
  • July 12, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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Google recently unveiled an array of scheduling enhancements for Gmail, integrating them with Google Calendar. These additions include streamlined event creation and effortless sharing of availability. Users will now notice a calendar icon located at the bottom of their conversation view, offering two distinct options: “Create an event” and “Offer times you’re free.”


The functionality of the “Create an event” button is self-explanatory. Upon selection, it generates a Google Calendar event using the email subject as the event name and includes the email recipients as participants. Additionally, it automatically generates a meeting summary within the email body, facilitating efficient sharing of the meeting details. Previously, this feature was accessible through the three-dot menu but has now been made more easily accessible within Gmail.

The newly introduced availability-sharing feature allows users to open the calendar in a sidebar and effortlessly drag available time slots across different days to share them with recipients. While it is possible to share availabilities in an email with multiple individuals, only the first person to accept a time slot will be automatically added to the invitation.


By implementing these updates, Gmail aims to enhance users’ scheduling capabilities and streamline communication by seamlessly integrating Google Calendar functionality. With the calendar icon and intuitive options for event creation and availability sharing, Gmail users can conveniently manage their schedules and collaborate with others without leaving their email interface.

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