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For the first time .. the experience using a Russian satellite in the interest of private 5G networks

The Russian company “Kosmiska Sviaz” (space communications) for the first time tested the operation of a private 5G network using a Russian state satellite.

This was announced Thursday, November 3, by the press office of the Russian space agency “Roscosmos”.

“For the first time, the Russian satellite was used in the interest of the 5G network, which in the future will ensure the provision of 5G services to remote areas,” the press office said.

It is noteworthy that the technology for the use of 5G networks to support OpenRAN standards was developed by the Russian company “Skolkovo” for innovation, where a base station was connected to the network core via the “Express-80” satellite, which was designed by the Russian company “Reshetnev” for Russian information satellite systems. , using the capabilities of the “Shapolovka” technical center and the “Dubna” center for satellite communications.

The experiment was to transmit and display high-quality video content within the 5G network. The ability of the mentioned systems to ensure the required quality when providing services and exchanging information, including sending multimedia information, and audio and video information, was reviewed.

In the future, the tested scenario will ensure that 5G networks are deployed in remote areas that are not connected to public networks. According to the Director General of the Russian “Space Communications” company, Alexei Volin, the cooperation established between government institutions and private networks aims to achieve Russia’s technological sovereignty in the field of integration between 5G and 6G networks on the one hand and its satellites on the other on the basis of the development of advanced Russian technologies.

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