Musk completed his controversial Twitter acquisition for $44 billion
  • November 2, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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American billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has raised many concerns among the pioneers of American platforms, most notable concerns about the platform’s political exploitation, especially with the approach of the midterm elections.

Concerns increased after the US Bloomberg Agency indicated that some employees were prevented from accessing internal tools used to moderate content, which limited the platform’s ability to address misinformation about the elections.

Tweeters commented that the presence of Mask at the head of the platform would affect its approach to dealing with the elections, specifically with regard to fake and misleading news.

Many expressed their fear that the platform would be a tool in the American political conflict, and that Musk would use it to support his political views and tendencies.

Musk had been widely criticized in recent days after he published a tweet promoting one of the conspiracy theories about assaulting Nancy Pelosi’s husband, and he was forced to delete the tweet hours after its publication.

Twitter had taken a lot of measures over the past years to ensure that the platform was not misused politically, and it banned many accounts that participated in misinformation or external accounts that tried to interfere in the elections.

Statements and promises

For his part, Musk said in a tweet to him today, Wednesday, through his account that he spoke with a number of civil society leaders about the procedures that Twitter will continue to follow in order to enhance integrity policies during the elections.

Musk also promised that Twitter’s content moderation board would consist of individuals with divergent views, representatives of civil rights communities, and groups facing hate-motivated violence.

Bloggers stressed that the Twitter platform can play a major role in the elections, and the role of this platform should not be underestimated, as it has become the first source of information for many.

Tweeters had shared a photo of a comment from the fact-checking feature provided by the platform on the tweet of US President Joe Biden and considered it the beginning of a clampdown on the accounts of Biden and his supporters.

On the other hand, bloggers commented that this feature is old and has nothing to do with Musk, as the actions that Musk will take in this regard have not yet appeared.

Tweeters considered that the possibility of these platforms affecting the elections makes their ownership of particular individuals a dangerous matter, and the state must have a role in monitoring them.

Politics professor Todd Tucker commented on his Twitter account, “Nationalization of the assets of these platforms is becoming more and more acceptable as the days go by.”

It is expected that the midterm elections will start on the eighth of this November, as the conflict between Republicans and Democrats rages in a number of states, and the conflict is highly visible across various communication platforms.

Billionaire Musk completed his controversial acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion late last Thursday evening, and then tweeted, “The bird is free.”

After the deal was completed, his first decision was to dismiss the social media company’s senior leadership, which he accused of misleading him about the number of spam accounts on the platform.

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