• October 24, 2022
  • Mike Hunt
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A new social networking application called Gas has received widespread attention across American platforms recently, as it rose to the top of downloads through the Apple App Store, and was also criticized for its impact on the mental and psychological health of adolescents. .

The idea of ​​the application is to send anonymous messages with expressions of admiration between friends and acquaintances, where you enter your location and school, and the application allows you to add those who share these places with you, and through specific surveys displayed by the application, you can send a greeting to one of your colleagues.

The answers to specific questions come from the app’s choice, such as “This is the best friend I’ve ever known”, “This person is going to be rich”, and other strong compliments.

The application sends a notification to anyone who receives messages of compliment or support from his colleagues, as he receives them anonymously without knowing the owner of the message, and the application allows, through some paid subscriptions, to give hints about the identity of the commenter.

The application is owned by Nikita Pierre, one of the former directors of the Meta company that owns Facebook and Instagram, who previously created a similar application 5 years ago called “TBH”, but Facebook acquired it at the time and did not complete his journey of growth, before To come back to repeat the same idea again.

“We wanted to create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves, and we hope the app shows you that there are people who love and admire you,” the founders comment on the purpose of the app on their official website.

The application has received wide interest across American platforms, specifically among school students, and despite its lack of presence in all states and its presence in a limited number of states, the application has achieved a huge number of downloads that made it at the forefront of applications within the Apple Store.

According to the founder of the application, “Nikita Pierre”, the application is currently active on more than one million users daily, and attracts 30,000 new users every hour.

Paradoxically, the application has achieved these numbers without receiving funding from any party so far, and the application has only 4 employees, including the founder.

The application has been surrounded by many doubts since its launch, including accusations of human trafficking, due to its obtaining accurate location data, which was denied by the application’s founder, stressing that the application was designed to provide the greatest degree of security and privacy.

On the other hand, the application has faced many criticisms regarding its impact on the mental and psychological health of adolescents, as this huge flow of positive messages can cause addiction, and the user’s self-esteem becomes dependent on the external expressions of support that he constantly receives through the application.

Some people will also be exposed to a different kind of pressure, when they enter the application and do not receive any positive or supportive messages, which will mean that they are hated and not admired by their peers, with potential psychological problems.

Tweeters alluded to the application’s similarity with an episode of the famous series “Black Mirror”, which deals with some phenomena that excessive technology interference may cause in our lives.

This episode deals with society when the value of each person is determined by the number of likes he gets from others, and the higher the rating of others for a person, the more he can obtain privileges within the community.

Everyone in this society seeks to gain that admiration in any way possible, and they are keen to befriend those with high ratings so that they can rise with it in turn, which made everyone captive to these assessments that ruled their lives.

Bloggers say the new app cements this, and despite its current admiration, may bring with it more mental health issues for teens.

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