Facebook bug sends ‘auto friend requests’, compromising privacy

Several Facebook users in Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and some Arab countries have reported a concerning issue with the social media platform

Several Facebook users in Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and some Arab countries have reported a concerning issue with the social media platform. According to the reports, Facebook has been sending automatic friend requests to people when someone visits their profiles, without their consent. This unexpected action, which may compromise user privacy and control, has sparked discussions among the affected users and raised concerns about potential violations of personal boundaries.

The issue appears to be a glitch within Facebook’s system, triggered when one user visits another person’s profile. As a result, an unsolicited friend request is sent from the visitor to the profile owner, without any action or approval from either party. This involuntary and perplexing behavior has raised alarm among users about the infringement of digital consent and the risk of unwanted interactions.

Facebook has not yet provided an official statement on the matter. However, the reports have gained attention and prompted the company to investigate the root cause of the issue. The affected users have also expressed their frustration with the platform’s inability to control and prevent this auto friend request bug, which may lead to unwanted connections and potential privacy violations.

The incident highlights the importance of user privacy and control in social media platforms, and the need for greater transparency and accountability from companies like Facebook. As digital interactions continue to increase in our daily lives, it is crucial that users have the tools and resources to manage their online presence and protect their personal information from unwanted access or exposure.

Facebook has faced several controversies related to user privacy and data protection in recent years, and incidents like this further underscore the need for greater scrutiny and oversight of the platform’s practices. As the company continues to investigate and address this issue, it will need to demonstrate its commitment to user privacy and security, and take concrete steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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