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External Twitter Applications Suffer From An Outage, And The Reason Is Unknown

Some external services that provide users with access to the Twitter platform , such as: (Tweetbot), (Twitterific) and (Echofon), suffer from an outage, and the reason behind this is not known yet.

Tweetbot confirmed the issue Friday morning in a tweet on Twitter, saying: “Tweetbot and other customers are having issues logging in to Twitter. We have reached out to Twitter for more details, but have not received a response.” “We hope this is just a temporary glitch and we will let you know the details as soon as they become known,” she added.

The (Twitterific) service also said in its tweet on Twitter: “We are aware that (Twitterific) is having problems communicating with Twitter. We don’t yet know the root cause, but we’re trying to figure it out. Please, stay tuned and accept our apologies.”

Paul Haddad of (Tweetbot) said that the problem started today, Friday, at about 6:30 am Mecca time. He also mentioned that all API requests from the apps are not working.

It is possible that the company may have made some changes to its API for third-party clients which is causing these apps to crash. It is not known if this happened to thwart the access of those services to the platform.

Apart from the aforementioned applications, some users of other services, such as: ( Fenix ), ( Twitpane ), ( Feather ), and ( Talon ), have complained that they cannot access the platform. So it seems that the only way to access Twitter for most users now is through the main app or the website.

According to a post on Twitter’s developer forum, the developer portal shows that these apps are “suspended”.

It is noteworthy that even before Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company in late October, speculation was raised from users and technical sites that Twitter intends to completely shut down external services.

Third-party apps rely on Twitter’s API to get data from the service, a point that has been controversial in the past as the company went through a period when it neglected third-party developer tools.

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