Friday, March 31, 2023

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Ethical hackers discover 65,000 vulnerabilities in 2022

    A new report revealed an increase in the number of security vulnerabilities discovered by ethical hackers during 2022 compared to the previous year.

    Given that vulnerabilities are everywhere, in any device, app, or API, and attackers seek to exploit them on every occasion, more organizations are turning to ethical hackers to help discover and fix these vulnerabilities before they happen. being exploited.

    According to the 2022 Hacker-Powered Security Report issued by HackerOne, ethical hackers discovered more than 65,000 software vulnerabilities during 2022, an increase of 21 percent compared to 2021.

    The report found that digital transformation projects helped increase system misconfigurations by 150 percent and improper user authorization by 45 percent, which increased the number of vulnerabilities.

    The report showed that ethical hacker communities have the ability to identify vulnerabilities at scale, and also highlighted that information security teams within companies cannot afford to continue to rely on traditional, manual methods of vulnerability management.

    The report comes amid a significant increase in the number of organizations feeling pressure to manage the ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities, with 66 percent of information security leaders reporting that more than 100,000 vulnerabilities have been discovered and accumulated, and 54 percent of them saying they are able to patch less than 50 percent of them accumulated gaps.

    This high volume of vulnerabilities has created the need for a more scalable approach to vulnerability management, which is provided by vulnerability-rewarding companies such as HackerOne and Ethical Hackers.

    The HackerOne report shows that ethical hackers are adept at identifying vulnerabilities so organizations can fix them before they cause an accident.

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