Friday, March 31, 2023

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Elon Musk responds to critics of paying for the blue checkmark!

The American billionaire faces severe criticism for his approach to impose a monthly subscription of $ 8 on verified account holders

Today, Thursday, American billionaire Elon Musk mocked, in a new tweet, the willingness of Twitter users to pay $ 8 for a coffee drink, and their resentment at paying the same amount to keep the blue tick.

Musk responded to criticism of his intention to impose a monthly subscription of $ 8 on the owners of verified accounts that bear the blue checkmark, by posting a picture on Twitter showing a smiling person paying $ 8 for a Starbucks drink that he consumes in less than 30 minutes, and another picture of his face. Somber and crying for the same amount for a 30-day subscription, the blue verification mark on Twitter.

before that, the American billionaire published a tweet describing “Twitter” as the most interesting place on the Internet, adding: “That is why you are reading this tweet now.”

before that he tweeted, “You pay for what you get.”

The American billionaire did not stop at the sharp criticism of his decision to impose $ 8 on the accounts documented on the social networking site “Twitter”, but went ahead to challenge them.

Hours after the owner of “Tesla” and the new CEO of “Twitter” announced the imposition of the fees, he returned and confirmed in a new tweet to critics, that he did not mind them continuing their objections, but they had to pay $ 8 nonetheless.

Musk’s tweet was a clear response to those complaining about the new fees, telling them that this would never dissuade the owner of the application from his opinion.

8 bucks for a blue checkmark

And Musk announced, on Tuesday, that the company will charge a fee of $ 8 per month for the blue check mark service, as he seeks to increase subscriptions and make the social network less dependent on ads.

Musk said subscribers with blue check marks will get priority in replies, mentions, and searches will be able to post longer videos and audio, and will see half as many ads.

It is noteworthy that Musk completed the acquisition of “Twitter” for $ 44 billion after many months of back and forth.

Start of the blue checkmark

The blue certification mark, the result of a defamation lawsuit against the company in 2009 that was implicated in stirring controversy, is a sign of standing in the digital community.

The primary goal of the program was to verify the identity of certain categories of people, such as celebrities, politicians, companies, and journalists as protection against impersonation and fraud, and company rules require accounts to be “trusted, distinct, and active” to earn the mark.

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