Dell launched a new generation of servers
  • November 29, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Dell today announced the launch of a new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, equipped with fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors to further improve application performance and help customers more effectively respond to modern needs, such as data analysis and other computing-centric workloads.

Liao Renxiang, general manager of Dell Taiwan, said that under the catalysis of the epidemic, the data era has arrived. With more and more connected devices, the amount of data is increasing day by day, data may be generated anywhere, and data transmission is getting faster and faster, which in turn requires changes in storage devices and servers so that innovative applications can be unlimited.

Liao Renxiang is also optimistic about the prospects of the server market. He believes that under the wave of digital transformation, the market demand for servers will grow steadily, and he looks positively at the market demand next year.

Liao Renxiang explained that the advent of the data age has also accelerated the pace of digital transformation for enterprises. 75% of enterprises plan to increase their edge budgets in the next two years, and 70% of enterprises will have operational AI architectures by 2025; compound annual growth rate. However, nearly 70% of the companies are worried about the possibility of business interruption in the next year, so companies pay more attention to information security and resilience; in addition, sustainable ESG will also become an inevitable development trend for companies in the future.

In order to seize business opportunities in the digital age, Dell also released a new generation of PowerEdge servers, which are designed with efficiency and security as the core, use Dell Smart Cooling (Smart Cooling) technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and strengthen the built-in network defense architecture Customer Security Measures.

Not only that but the new-generation server is also equipped with the fourth-generation AMD EPYC processor, which improves performance and storage performance while integrating into the customer’s existing environment. It is very suitable for data analysis, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing (HPC), and Enterprises with advanced workload requirements such as virtualization.

In addition, adhering to the principle of sustainability, the new generation of servers uses the latest Dell Smart Cooling technology to increase the airflow throughput in the system so that it can maintain the best cooling effect when performing the highest level of computing work for a long time.

And as cybersecurity threats continue to rise, the security features built into PowerEdge servers are also evolving. The new server adopts Dell’s network defense architecture, which provides functions such as system locking, drift detection, and multifactor authentication; it also enables more secure operations through end-to-end boot resilience, helping to create a security-centric data center.

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