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Coinbase Global, a leading crypto exchange, has launched an international exchange for cryptocurrency derivatives, as it seeks to expand its global footprint. The platform will allow institutional investors in eligible jurisdictions outside the U.S. to trade in perpetual futures, Coinbase announced on Tuesday.

The digital assets industry has had a rocky past year, with multiple bankruptcies and regulatory challenges. In response, Coinbase has been seeking to expand its offerings and global presence. Last month, CEO Brian Armstrong warned that crypto firms would move to offshore locations unless the U.S. and Britain provided clearer regulatory guidance.

Coinbase is currently in a legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the exchange stated on Tuesday that responsible regulatory frameworks were driving countries around the world to position themselves as crypto hubs. The company called for a more proactive approach to regulation in the U.S., instead of what it sees as a trend of regulation by enforcement.

Gemini, another crypto exchange, also announced on Tuesday the launch of a derivatives platform for trading perpetual futures, which will operate outside the U.S. jurisdiction.

The launch of the new international exchange by Coinbase is a significant step for the company, as it seeks to expand its operations globally and tap into the growing demand for crypto derivatives trading. This move could also be seen as a response to the regulatory challenges faced by the industry in the U.S. and elsewhere. With this new offering, Coinbase is positioning itself to be a major player in the international crypto derivatives market.

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