China’s Baidu revealed an advanced electric car that got specifications that make it among the best electric vehicles so far.

In terms of size and dimensions, the new Robo-01 came close to the Range Rover Velar or s, as it got a crossover body length of 4 meters 85 centimeters, a width of 199 centimeters, a height of 161 centimeters, and a distance between the axles of the wheels is 300 centimeters.

The car was distinguished by its streamlined body thanks to its distinctive design, as well as its uniquely designed front and rear lights, and its doors were devoid of traditional grips and were replaced by touch buttons.

According to the developers, the car will have high safety standards and will get a Level 4 autonomous driving system thanks to its 12 high-resolution cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors, and the Nvidia Orin X processors it has obtained help the security system process 5 trillion operations per second.


Internally, this car was designed to provide the driver and passengers with the best standards of modernity and luxury, as it got leather seats equipped with heating and cooling systems and equipped with many control modes, and its driving interface was equipped with large touch screens that work with the latest multimedia systems.

The car works with a four-wheel drive system that relies on two electric motors with a torque of 544 horsepower, which enables it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, and its batteries are enough to cover a distance of approximately 600 km on a full charge.

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