Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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CAPSULE PRO..a small and practical device for photography lovers

A modern mobile phone or a camera with a very simple mounting kit, little lighting, or a sunny day is all that a digital content creator, short film director, or even a professional photographer needs to shoot aesthetic and meaningful clips and clips.

As it is a small, practical and easy innovation that adds a professional dimension that does not overlook an eye, and a distinguished companion for the camera and is ideal for shooting quick “Time lapses”, panorama shots, and 360-degree photography.

CAPSULE PRO product is known as a camera tripod with a moving head and a shot stabilizer that is easy to install, install and use, and facilitates multi-axis image capture with ease.

CAPSULE PRO product can be used with the rest of the Miop, Flex, and Slider products, which are sliders to carry the camera to make its movement easier.

The product works through a special application on smartphones that is easy to use and provides many features that contribute to making photography more accurate and professional. It is also possible to create special imaging modes through the application, which the product implements without the need for human intervention.

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