There are currently some business-oriented social networks, such as LinkedIn and Xing, and these networks are supposed to benefit the user in his career

There are currently some business-oriented social networks, such as LinkedIn and Xing, and these networks are supposed to benefit the user in his career, but are these networks useful recruitment tools?

German expert Zilke Grottegut explained the importance of good networks of relationships in the user’s life, saying, “One will suffer difficult times in the business world if one does not have good networks of relationships, whether real or digital.”

The professional expert indicated that the labor market has completely transformed due to the lack of skilled workers, and therefore companies are no longer waiting for suitable employees to apply to them but are searching for them. And due to the small number of employees who have their own websites, the need for digital job networks has emerged.

Hidden job market

Grotigot referred to what is known as the hidden job market, where most jobs are not advertised, and companies hire most jobs themselves or through an expanded network, which includes the group of people, who applied to work on their own initiative, or who through the recommendation of employees in the company or They were reached through recruitment processes, and the business networks “LinkedIn” and “Xing” played a pivotal role in this matter.

Magdalena Uhl, a labor market specialist, explains from the perspective of the start-up scene, saying, “There are only those who are visible.” Therefore, it makes sense for startup founders to be present on business networks in order to attract the attention of potential investors and employees.

For her part, Babette Brinkman, an organizational and social psychologist, indicated that one must have the willingness to talk, meet and make friends at the beginning in order to be successful in business networks.

When the user joins business networks for the first time, he must know the people who know him on the platform in question, whether they are former classmates, acquaintances, members of the work team or other employees of the company, in addition to that it is useful to join groups.

The hidden job market in which most jobs are not advertised
The hidden job market in which most jobs are not advertised

Write posts regularly

Ohl indicated that it is usual for a person to communicate with many new people after participating in some activities and events, and continuity is the key to success in creating an effective and growing network, as the user must write posts regularly, which is highly appreciated by the algorithm. Linkedin.

Ohl added that it is also important to prepare a small plan for publishing publications so that the user selects recurring topics and ensures that there is a certain diversity. It is also important to take care of the business network by writing publications, interacting with content, and referring to exciting publications. The main goal of all of this includes converting destinations. Digital communication into real acquaintances, where the user meets his friends and talks with them in person from time to time.

Business networking contacts must meet certain characteristics. Grottegut stresses that here quality comes before quantity. to my professional goal.

It may seem that it takes a lot of planning, effort, and time. Brinkman agrees with this idea and indicated that it becomes ideal when the user does not feel that he is a burden, as there is a balance between costs and benefits, and business networks such as “LinkedIn” become one of the gains for the user.

The German expert added that the matter is related to the type, as the user must know his own needs and the type of function that the business network fulfills.

Paid subscription

In addition to the time, business networks may sometimes cost some money, and Grottegut explained, “The Xing network works for free, as the user does not need more than the basic account.” LinkedIn also provides the most important job search features within the free version, but there are some additional offers available for a paid subscription.

In general, business networks should not be underestimated, given that the business model, in which one spends his entire working life with one employer, will not be available in the future, as regular changes will become part of the future at some point, and therefore a person who has a diverse and visible network will be able to , from quickly succeeding in the new era.

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