• October 1, 2022
  • Mike Hunt
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It seems that a new crisis related to the quality of batteries is looming in the sky of Samsung, which brings to mind the cases of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries, which prompted the company to “declare the death” of the phone a few months after its launch.

The current problem is related to the “inflation” or swelling of the Samsung phone battery and the resulting problems, and it does not apply to one type of Samsung phone, but includes old and even relatively new phones.

According to our technological analysis, what is happening with Samsung today is like a “snowball” that is increasing around the clock, as the story began with YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss and spread to include many experts and even ordinary individuals.

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss has been collecting “flagship” Samsung phones since 2010, and when he recently decided to shoot a video of all these phones, he noticed that the “Galaxy Note 8” phone, which was made in 2017, suffers from a “bulge” in the battery, which caused the separation of the back cover from the chassis the phone.

The irony was that the YouTuber noticed that the same thing happened to two other phones he had, the Galaxy S6, manufactured in 2015, and the Galaxy S10, manufactured in 2019, when he decided to announce the matter via Twitter, which prompted Samsung to contact him and request the devices to be examined and find out what happened to her.

More than 50 days after Samsung withdrew the phones, the YouTuber did not receive any official answer from the company, which prompted him again to return to Twitter, to find that there were many experts, technicians and YouTubers that preceded him in announcing the problem, as one of the technical YouTubers indicated that all Samsung phones that Those over three years old are already at risk of battery swelling.

Where it is necessary to wait for the “justification” that will be provided by Samsung, which has a very long history with battery problems, to the point that it prompted some to describe what is happening with the company as a “battery curse”.

There is indeed a problem with Samsung phone batteries, and it is not just an accident, as the facts and evidence, which emerged, confirmed that thousands of Samsung phone owners have suffered or suffer from “battery bloating”, and from the problem of battery heating during use, at a time when most of the technicians confirmed Experts say that this problem did not appear on the iPhone and Google phones.

The main danger of any phone’s battery swelling is that it ends up burning the device and the resulting damage, although this possibility is small, but it is possible and this is what Samsung does not want to hear again, especially since it has worked hard in recent years to get rid of the tails of an explosion. Note 7 battery.

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