Apple's Mixed-Reality Headset to Include Magnetic Cable for External Power Supply

Apple’s highly anticipated mixed-reality headset is expected to be announced at WWDC 2023. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had previously reported that the headset would feature an external power supply for several reasons, including concerns about overheating and to reduce the headset’s weight for increased comfort. Ahead of the announcement, Gurman has shared more details about the device’s external battery in his latest Power On newsletter.

According to Gurman, the rumored “Reality Pro” or “Reality One” headset will include two ports: a USB-C interface for data transfers and a “new proprietary charging connector.” The latter port is said to be similar to Apple’s recently reintroduced MagSafe power port, with a round tip that magnetically attaches to the headset. After inserting the cable, the user rotates it to lock it in place.

The power supply for the headset is reportedly about the size of an iPhone and resembles Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack. It can power the device for up to two hours on a single charge and is recharged via a USB-C cable connected to a MacBook Pro power adapter. Gurman speculates that customers will be able to purchase additional packs separately since a single pack provides so little uptime.

Gurman’s latest report highlights how much of a first-generation product the mixed-reality headset will be upon release. The cumbersome power delivery method, coupled with the rumored $3,000 price tag, makes it unlikely to be a must-have gadget for the average consumer.

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