Apple Music Classical Expands to Android, Offering a Rich Classical Music Experience
  • May 30, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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Apple has introduced its dedicated orchestral app, Apple Music Classical, to the Android platform, marking its debut on a non-Apple device. While the mainline Apple Music app has been available for Android since 2015, the classical music app brings a distinct user interface, font, and metadata handling tailored for seamless searching. Interestingly, Apple chose to launch the app on a rival platform before expanding its offering to its own hardware ecosystem, which currently lacks a dedicated iPad or Mac app. This strategic move recognizes the prevalence of phones as primary streaming sources and aims to attract a broader subscriber base beyond Apple’s exclusive hardware realm.

The launch of Apple Music Classical on Android is the result of Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic, a renowned classical streaming service from the Netherlands, known for its exceptional search capabilities. Following the acquisition, Apple incorporated Primephonic’s features into its own app, leading to the discontinuation of the standalone Primephonic service.

With a vast collection of over five million tracks, including thousands of exclusive albums, Apple Music Classical offers an extensive catalog for classical music enthusiasts. Leveraging Primephonic’s search functionality, users can easily explore compositions based on composer, work, conductor, or catalog number, thanks to the app’s comprehensive and accurate metadata. Furthermore, the app supports high-quality streaming up to 192 kHz / 24-bit Hi-Res Lossless, as well as spatial audio and Dolby Atmos for selected tracks. To access these features, users must have an Apple Music subscription, which includes individual, student, family, or Apple One plans, excluding the voice-only plan tailored for HomePod users.

The Android version of Apple Music Classical is compatible with Android 9 and later versions. It is available worldwide wherever Apple Music is offered, with the exception of China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan. Users can download the app from the Play Store, expanding their classical music experience beyond the Apple ecosystem.

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