Apple is exploring moving some of its iPad production to India
  • December 5, 2022
  • Thomas Waner
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    Citing sources close to the Indian government, India is exploring options to bring some of the production of iPad tablets into its territory from China.

    The US tech giant is in constant discussions with officials, however, it has not yet made concrete plans, but if it succeeds, it will expand its presence in the country.

    Apple announced earlier this year that it had started assembling its flagship iPhone 14 in southern India. The company has been producing older models of iPhones in the country for a few years.

    It is noteworthy that Apple’s ambitions to diversify more of its supply chain away from China come in the wake of protests across the country over the past two weeks amid Beijing’s strict policy to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

    Apple warned in early November that iPhone shipments would be delayed due to lockdowns in China, which prompted analysts to cut estimates for phone sales for the fourth quarter of the year, which is crucial because it’s the end-of-year holiday season.

    Apple is actively seeking to shift production from China to other countries in Asia, such as India and Vietnam.

    However, sources warn that a lack of skilled talent and personnel with experience in building highly complex devices such as the iPad may slow these plans in India. Then the foreign policy background does not help either, with the increasing tensions between India and China, as the two countries have been sparring in recent years due to territorial disputes, which has led to the escalation of the military presence on the border between India and China.

    Jane Munster of Loop Ventures said that 10 percent of iPhones are made in India, but he expects production to increase at a slow pace.

    “I think in five years, 35 percent will be made in India,” Munster added. I believe Apple will add iPhone production to other countries outside of India and China in the next five years. Maybe Vietnam, Malaysia, and the United States of America.”

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