Apple Collaborates with Broadcom for U.S.-based Production of 5G Components

In a significant move, Apple has announced a substantial partnership with Broadcom to manufacture wireless components, specifically 5G components, within the United States. Under this multi-billion dollar deal, Broadcom will utilize its American facilities to design and build essential elements like FBAR filters.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating their commitment to harnessing American manufacturing’s ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit. He emphasized that Apple’s products heavily rely on technology engineered and produced within the United States, further solidifying their unwavering belief in the future of America’s economy.

This agreement falls within Apple’s previously declared commitment to American manufacturing, which was unveiled in 2021. As part of this commitment, Apple pledged to contribute $430 billion to the U.S. economy over a five-year span. In their recent announcement, Apple reassures stakeholders that they are on track to meet this goal.

Apple already maintains partnerships with component manufacturers within the United States. They regularly publish a supplier list that provides details about the suppliers and the locations where Apple components are produced. Although the majority of manufacturing facilities listed in the 2022 report were situated in Asia, 32 facilities were located in America. Broadcom, being one of those facilities, has been a long-time supplier of components to Apple from their Colorado and Pennsylvania sites.

Like many American technology companies, Apple continually faces pressure to source parts and conduct product assembly domestically. The Mac Pro desktop computer was the most recent product to achieve final assembly within the United States, earning the distinction of proudly bearing the “Made in the U.S.A.” label.

By partnering with Broadcom for the production of 5G components in the United States, Apple takes a significant step forward in strengthening American manufacturing capabilities. This collaboration not only aligns with their commitment to domestic production but also reinforces their dedication to technological innovation and the growth of the U.S. economy.

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