Apple CEO Tim Cook Praises China's Rapid Innovation and Long Ties with Apple During Visit

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has praised China’s rapid innovation and long-standing relationship with the US tech giant during his visit to the country. Speaking at the China Development Forum, a government-organised event, Cook noted that innovation is developing rapidly in China and is set to further accelerate. The event was also attended by senior government officials and CEOs of other firms. Cook’s visit comes at a time of increasing tensions between the US and China, and as Apple looks to reduce its reliance on China as a supply chain hub.

Last year, the largest iPhone factory run by Apple supplier Foxconn faced production disruptions after China’s zero-COVID policies fuelled worker unrest. Despite this, Cook’s visit to China signals that Apple remains committed to its long-standing relationship with the country.

During his speech, Cook also highlighted the importance of education, particularly in programming and critical thinking skills. He announced that Apple plans to increase its spending on rural education in China to 100 million yuan.

Cook’s visit to an Apple Store in Beijing also drew attention on Chinese social media. While tensions between the US and China continue to rise, Cook’s remarks suggest that Apple remains committed to doing business in China and recognises the country’s potential for innovation.

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