The new wireless headphone is better able to cancel annoying noise, because it is based on a new technology
  • October 11, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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The white wireless headphones “Airpods Pro” from “Apple” are gaining wide popularity, and the user’s demand for the “In-Ear” model with an effective noise cancellation function is increasing.

After 3 years of launching the wireless headset, the American company made a major update to it with the launch of the new version, “AirPods Pro 2”.

Here’s a closer look at this headset:

wireless headphone

The wireless headset is difficult to distinguish from the previous design in terms of outward appearance, except for the presence of two black lines on the headset’s plastic body to indicate the two built-in microphones.

Thanks to its adoption of new technology, the new wireless headphone is able to better cancel annoying noise, and when making phone calls outside while walking on the roads, the artificial intelligence chooses the side where the wind does not whistle loudly, and the noise is canceled by the Apple chip. H2″ (H2) was developed by an American company.

The user can notice this upgrade significantly in open offices; The sounds disappear more effectively compared to the previous model, and during train rides, the user does not hear any screaming children within two rows of seats.

Even when traveling on planes, the sound of the plane disappears more effectively.

The active noise cancellation function works well, even in some situations where it is advisable not to activate this function, such as cycling, until the user pays attention to other vehicles on the road and hears the sounds of ambulances, etc.

If the user is well acquainted with the surrounding area, he can turn on the transparency mode, which is available in the first generation, but with the new “AirPods Pro” wireless headset, the sounds seem more natural, and the user can hear the sirens of fire engines, whose intensity does not disappear. fully.


Apple iPhone owners can easily set up the AirPods Pro 2 wireless headset as usual, and all it takes is opening the charging case; The in-ear headphone position is recognized and the charging status of the headphone and charging case is displayed on the smartphone screen.

There is a small headset in the charging case, which can be used to make a sound when the charging case is placed in a place other than its designated place, in addition to the “Where is” cloud computing service showing the user the last place where the charging case was placed, while its location can be determined Via Airtag by smartphone.

As for owners of Google Android phones, they will have to give up a number of these convenience functions; The AirPods Pro wireless headset pairs like any other Bluetooth headset.

Active noise cancellation and transparency mode also work with Android phones, but the voice control function is not available via Siri and 3D audio features.

3D-Audio technology is a new way to improve the sound in the new Apple headphones
3D-Audio technology is a new way to improve the sound in the new Apple headphones


There has been only a slight change in terms of shape and comfort during wearing compared to the first generation, the shape has remained almost identical, and the attachment package includes 4 different sizes of silicone plugs in sizes L, M, S and XS, so that the earphone rests comfortably and firmly at the same time, and does not get exposed To fall to the ground while running or exercising.


The second generation of wireless headphones “AirPods Pro” includes an advanced touch control band at the bottom of the earplugs, and the touch functions are not limited to playing and stopping music, but also the volume can be controlled.

the sound

Although the previous “model” had a good sound, the new one offers better quality than that; The AirPods Pro 2 wireless headphones feature deeper bass, clearer midtones, and brighter bass.

In any case, the new wireless headset looks better than the previous generation, because Apple has relied on new drivers with a special subwoofer.

There is another way to improve the sound, by adopting a technology called “3D-Audio” by Apple.

This technology is based on the “H2” chip and works in cooperation with the “Face ID” camera on the iPhone smartphone to create a three-dimensional (3D-Scan) scan of the ears, in order to adapt the operation according to the shape and size of the head and ears.

And the user hears the sound around him and not just on the right and left like “stereo”; The design is according to the size and shape of the ears in particular.

Battery life

Apple confirmed that the battery charge of the new AirPods Pro 2 wireless headset allows 6 hours of listening to music, but in a practical test the battery life was extended to 5 and a half hours.

The battery can be fully recharged in a very short time does not exceed 35 minutes, and the American company did not disclose any data regarding the number of charging cycles, and the battery cannot be replaced due to the compact design of the new wireless headset.

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