Appeared at the Las Vegas Expo.. 6 trends that distinguish new laptops

CES recently witnessed some recent trends in the world of laptops, such as playing 3D content without the need for special glasses and playing video games with full visual quality on laptops.

Here is a quick look at 6 of the most prominent trends that caught the clear interest of manufacturers at the annual exhibition:

1- Greater power for gaming devices

The differences and differences were clearly evident during the exhibition, as the new generation of gaming laptops equipped with the new NVIDIA Geforce GTX 40 series graphics card needed less electrical power with an increased image activation rate per second in order to Improve image display.

The company “Nvidia” confirmed that it was able to achieve this goal by relying on a new chip architecture known as “Ada Lovelace”, in addition to using the “Deep Learning Super Sampling” technology, known as “Ada Lovelace”. DLSS 3. This technology simply aims to increase performance and refresh rate per second through artificial intelligence.

Since the new graphics cards for laptops consume less electrical power compared to the previous generation, global companies have been able to use more efficient graphics cards in smaller and thinner models than before.

2- The return of large sizes

Gaming laptops were previously famous for their 18-inch screens, then they disappeared for some time and returned again now, and the year 2022 witnessed the emergence of many 17-inch models, and the companies “Acer” and “Alienware” introduced laptops with an 18-inch screens with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card.

In contrast to the previous large models, the new laptops are lighter in weight, even the weight of the “Acer Predator Helios 18” does not exceed 3.25 kilograms.

In addition to the large screens, the activities of the electronics exhibition witnessed the emergence of many screens with new relative sizes. Instead of 16:9, the screen ratios are 16:10, allowing more vertical space.

There are no clear answers to the return of large sizes spread again, and some explain that small laptop computers are no longer practical for home office tasks, in addition to the fact that large, high-quality screens equipped with OLED technology have become less expensive than before.

Lenovo unveiled a new laptop with two screens
Lenovo unveiled a new laptop with two screens

3- More OLED screens

The advantages of self-lighting OLED screens for laptops are evident in the availability of more colors, better contrast, deeper black display, and less electrical power consumption, depending on the type of use.

But the problem is that it is still very expensive and must be developed in order to be available at reasonable prices. Companies specializing in the production of gaming laptops, such as Lenovo, Acer, LG, and Asus, one or more models with an OLED screen, during their participation in the exhibition.

4- Devices with several screens

Lenovo unveiled a new laptop with two screens; Where the Yoga Book 9i device consists of two screens connected by a 360-degree hinge with a built-in speaker, and the user has the possibility to use the device either with a dual screen or a laptop with a virtual screen and a screen and a half.

The Chinese company has taken a different approach with its Think book Plus Twist device, as the new laptop comes with a dual screen, two internal OLED screens with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD, and an E-Ink screen. -Ink) color exterior, so the user can write and read on the go in an energy-efficient way, as the vertical swivel hinge allows switching between both sides of the screen.

ThinkBook Plus Twist with two screens: an internal Full HD OLED display and an external color E-Ink display
ThinkBook Plus Twist with two screens: an internal Full HD OLED display and an external color E-Ink display

5- 3D contents without glasses

The activities of the electronics fair witnessed the launch of many laptops, which allow watching three-dimensional (3D) content on flat screens, without the need for glasses, similar to the Nintendo 3DS mobile game device.

The package of technical equipment for the “Predator Helios 300” computer includes two cameras above the screen to track the movement of the user’s eyes, and the screen creates a three-dimensional image through cross-sectional images.

This effect can only be seen when sitting directly in front of the laptop computer, and this effect appears impressively so that the user does not need to wear annoying 3D glasses.

Asus relied – in the ProArt Studio book computer – on 3D technology with eye tracking, and the focus in professional laptops is on transferring knowledge or virtual shopping applications.

Asus relied on the Pro Art Studio Book computer on 3D technology with eye tracking
Asus relied on the Pro Art Studio Book computer on 3D technology with eye tracking

6- Sustainability

There are many examples at the electronics fair of success in applying the concept of sustainability in the world of laptops, through recycling or more rational use of resources, such as the “Acer Vero” series, which includes a laptop equipped with Microsoft Windows Aspire. Aspire Vero and Chromebook Vero; Where the Taiwanese company relied on recycled plastics in the manufacture of a third of the body, which comes in a gray color and elegant texture.

Acer confirmed that future models of its production will include keyboards made of recycled materials from plastic, which is collected from the seas, in addition, the body can be opened using a regular screwdriver when you want to replace the “SSD” memory or RAM.

Lenovo and Asus rely heavily on recycled materials in the production of new laptops. Lenovo relied on recycled magnesium and aluminum, in addition to manufacturing packaging from compostable raw materials.

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