A warning that you don't ignore.. 5 Errors Affecting Your Phone's Battery

Many spend a lot of money on technology, especially smartphones, so having a malfunction is very frustrating, so it’s important to follow some “preventive” steps, which protect your phone’s battery in the long run and avoid a shocking repair bill later.

Regular maintenance is the key to smartphone longevity but there are some mistakes you make day after day, most notably “bad charging habits”, which can shorten or disrupt your smartphone’s battery life.

Here are 5 steps you can follow to protect your phone’s battery in the long run:

Do not rely on “counterfeit” chargers

  • High-quality chargers have circuits inside, that turn off when there is a great deal of power drawdown. This protects your phone’s battery from overcharging, breakage, or overheating of your phone.
  • Heat is the biggest enemy of your battery, so avoid counterfeit (non-original) chargers, as some of them have led to the fire and even injuries.

Be careful with the “power bank”

Just like cheap chargers, cheap Power Bank can destroy your battery over time.

  • Make sure that any power bank you use has overcharging protection. If not, you can still use it, but watch it and as soon as the battery is almost full, disconnect the phone.
  • It would also be best to avoid power banks with fast charging options unless they are from a trusted brand.
  • Fast charging can send a lot of electricity to your phone and cause battery damage, or this high voltage can, at the very least, shorten battery life.

Avoid apps that consume battery power

  • Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer phone batteries only have a limited number of charge cycles before their performance degrades, which is why most people experience battery problems after two years of use.
  • There’s nothing you can do about your battery eventually ending up, but some things have a more detrimental effect, like loading apps that monitor battery life, and constantly powering up to monitor battery life, which hurts it in the long run.
  • Spyware, adware, and other malware leave negative effects on phones as well, as most of them are constantly running in the background.

Do not use your phone while charging

  • Using your phone while charging can quickly overheat, straining the battery, screen, and processor.

Take it out of the protective cover.

  • Phone cases can be a great way to protect your phone and personalize its look, but when it comes to charging, they can cause temperature issues.
  • When your phone battery gets too hot, it can damage the rest of your phone, so remove the case while charging, especially if you notice your phone gets hot while plugged in.

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