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6 Jobs Threatened By The ChatGPT Bot 

Will robots and AI systems take away our jobs? For years we have been asking this question, and we are engaged in the ongoing debate about whether artificial intelligence and automation will provide more jobs in the future or will they be disruptive technologies and cause disruption in the labor market?

At the level of the economy as a whole, the ruling is clear. So far, machines have not eliminated the need for workers, yet technology can eliminate certain types of jobs. It is true that jobs that disappear in the face of technological progress are replaced by other jobs, but this does not mean that the transformation process was easy, because people generally do not find changing jobs easy, especially if the new jobs are in different places and require new skills.

A chatbot late last year ushered in a new era in artificial intelligence , sparking widespread concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on the job market, as its abilities to write content , write code, and have highly fluid conversations with humans have led some people to suggest He could quickly take on jobs in customer service, content writing, and even the legal profession.

“ I think ChatGPT can replace 20% of the workforce within 5 years, because what we are witnessing now is not just a new fad, such as: Bitcoin or NFTs or smart contact lenses, it’s a reality we live in and it shows no signs of slowing down.”

Here are 6 jobs threatened by the ChatGPT bot:

1- Programmers


The ChatGPT bot made a huge splash right after its launch because of its ability to detect and correct errors in the code, and it can create relatively simple programs in different programming languages, but if you ask it to write complex code, such as writing code for a high-end game or a commercial application, it will admit its weakness and tell you The task is currently beyond his capabilities.

However, some experts believe that ChatGPT and similar AI tools are developing very quickly, and we may find ourselves facing major changes within 3 years.

But some programmers, especially inexperienced ones, don’t see ChatGPt as a threat and find it a very valuable tool right now, relying on it to automate tasks such as quickly creating frameworks, planning application designs, and giving input on questions like how to organize data, what Required UI features, and more.

Some experts also believe that the emergence of programmers of artificial intelligence tools, such as: ChatGPT, will also increase the demand for software developers who are well versed in data science principles, for example: there will be an increased demand for engineers who can design applications using data science platforms and programming languages, such as : Go and Python.

2- Writers and Journalists:

Text-generating AI tools have been around for a while, but what sets the ChatGPT bot apart is its ability to write long texts, such as articles and reports, so efficiently that it writes entire books that are now sold in Amazon’s digital bookstore.

This has reinforced fears of ChatGPT’s impact on the content industry and journalism. Alex Hern , technology editor at The Guardian, believes that all professors, programmers and journalists could be out of work in just a few years, due to ChatGPT’s ability to write and its proficiency in writing. Complex tasks and ease of use.

Dr. ( Lili Mou ) – Assistant Professor in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta and Khyber Artificial Intelligence – also expects the media industry to adopt artificial intelligence technologies in the very near future, but he warns that tools such as: ChatGPT still suffer from problems, as it depends In responses to templates, he doesn’t believe that any company will ever rely on his texts 100%, rather journalists will have to check for information and for grammatical errors.

As Joshua Gans – a professor at the University of Toronto – believes that artificial intelligence and humans have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing, humans are usually more creative than artificial intelligence when it comes to generating original ideas and expressing them in a unique and attractive way. AI can generate coherent text that follows certain rules, but it can be more difficult to come up with new and original ideas.

3- Lawyers:


The company ( DoNotPay ), which specializes in interactive chatbots in the field of legal advice, announced this month the first robot lawyer supported by artificial intelligence in the world, and the robot is scheduled to start its work in court next month, defending an accused of committing a traffic violation.

Joshua Browder, CEO and founder of (DoNotPay) told USA TODAY : “The law is almost like code and language combined together, because the lawyer’s profession is based on fluency and choice of expressive sentences, so it is the ideal field that uses artificial intelligence.”

While Andrew M. Perelman , Dean of the University of Suffolk Law School – who tested the ChatGPT robot himself – believes that the responses generated by it were incomplete and sometimes problematic, and that its use in law-related services raises a range of regulatory and ethical issues, but at the same time highlights On what artificial intelligence will bring to the field in the future.

4- Customer service staff:

 Customer service staff

ChatGPT is originally a chatbot capable of conducting conversations with users very smoothly, and has outperformed all chatbots that have appeared so far in natural language processing.

Therefore, customer service is one of the main areas of work threatened by the development of artificial intelligence and chatbots, as it is currently used to handle customer inquiries, schedule appointments, and solve some problems, as these technologies continue to improve, they may be able to handle more complex tasks. This could lead to more customer service staff losing their jobs.

But some experts believe that AI has limits. It is good at finding and measuring things, but it requires humans to know what to do with the directions that AI reaches. Nor can it be trained to empathize with customers, which is one of the points of human superiority over AI.

5- Sales Representatives:

Sales Representatives

There is no doubt that the use of big data and artificial intelligence in sales has brought about fundamental changes, from more accurate targeting to predicting customer behavior. Most corporate sales departments now also use CRM tools to track leads and automate marketing processes.

But these advantages offered by artificial intelligence in the field of advertising and sales are currently facing fierce attack, as lawmakers, especially in Europe, are attacking many technology companies that use algorithms and artificial intelligence to track users and predict their behavior while introducing laws that focus on privacy and consumer protection.

in addition to; Ask any salesperson what’s the most important thing for closing deals, and nine out of ten will tell you the same thing: confidence. And trust begins with personal relationships, which is something that artificial intelligence will not be able to do.

Therefore, artificial intelligence tools, such as the ChatGPT bot, are expected to reshape the field of sales and automate administrative work, but they will not replace human interaction.

6- SEO officials:

SEO officials

There is no doubt that ChatGPT and similar tools will change the way SEO administrators work, as some people now rely on it for many tasks ; From keyword research to content creation and reporting.

However, current AI systems need human-directed training and human input to train them, which limits their knowledge of current events and makes human work an essential part of their knowledge, and they also need human validators to verify what they are doing. And let’s not forget now that Google considers AI-generated content to be against its guidelines .

Therefore, it is expected that the adoption of artificial intelligence techniques in the field of search engine optimization will continue to require humans to moderate content and provide creative input, provide strategic direction, and make adjustments based on changing search directions.

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