• September 26, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Apple has packed a lot of cool new features into the iPhone, but these can be a concern for your battery.

For the most part, the smart technology inside is capable of optimizing how much energy you need to use in order to get the most out of it.

But there are some tweaks you can make, as TikToker Amhacks1 reveals.

This includes turning off the much-loved new touch feature.

The tactile keyboard gives you a useful little vibration when you touch any of the keys, making it easier to type things.

How to turn off the touch keyboard according to The Sun.

The touch keyboard should be turned off by default, but voice feedback might be on.Either way, to make sure they are turned off to save battery, open Settings and look for Sounds & Touches.

Go to keyboard notes and toggle volume and touch off.

Update your apps on iPhoneUpdating your apps doesn’t just give you the latest features.

It also means that you are using the latest version suitable for iOS 16.

To update apps, go to the App Store and tap the profile picture in the top right.Scroll down and select Update All.

How to switch to dark modeThe brightness of your phone can also consume a lot of battery power.

So turning on dark mode can help.

Open Settings and look for Display & Brightness.Under Appearance, turn on Dark.

 It’s also a good idea to set the auto-lock to 30 seconds.

This means that your screen will turn off a lot earlier when you are not using it.Just press auto lock down and select 30 seconds.

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